About Us

aboutusWith experienced in industrial, commercial, government and residential construction. Raje Urss Integrations is growing more successful with every passing year. The expertise of well trained, experienced and dedicated in-house staff, and state-of-the-art modern construction equipment, makes us superbly equipped to effortlessly traverse our way through all kinds of projects. Our ability to solve challenging construction issues, with a collaborative approach and effective communication with multiple stakeholders allows us to deliver a great number of large scale projects and sets us on a course of sustainable growth.

As a company, we are involved with an industry where our activities have a significant influence over, and potential impact upon, the communities in which we operate. This affects the environmental, social and economic stability in which these communities exist. Our focus is on adopting a coordinated approach at all stages of the life cycle of buildings, including conception, briefing, design, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance and ultimate disposal.

Our success as a business cannot be measured solely by financial performance. We recognise that our reputation for conducting business with trust, integrity and mutual respect is equally critical. This is achieved by striving to establish new partnerships and collaborations, bolstering existing long-term relationships, that achieve the greatest results while continually aiming for improvement. We work together to build on existing experience and success.


Is to achieve great standards in society with quality and commitment.


Is to deliver customer dreams with high calibre, professionalism, quality and standards.

Our Values

We value your dream, we value your time, we value your money.

  • financial

    Successfully completed 50+ projects of industrial, commercial, government and residential construction.

  • rajeurss

    Modern construction equipments & plants to undertake infrastructure projects, supported by well-trained and experienced staff.

  • rajeurss

    Successfully completed large number of central and State government projects meeting the requirements of quality and adhering to the norms of safety.

  • rajeurss

    Social services and relief works in case of emergency or natural calamities as a corporate social responsibility.